Krazy Ivan

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You'd have to be crazy to try and stop an alien invasion single-handedly, but luckily, Krazy Ivan is just that. As Ivan Popovich you'll need to guide your Steel Cossack Powersuit through five different zones, rescuing hostages and dispatching the various enemies and Sentients that stand in your way. Belying the fact that you're in control of a large mech of sorts, the game moves very quickly and is more reminiscent of a first-person shooter than of something like MechWarrior. Armed initially with only basic machine guns, rockets, and a "scythe beam" special weapon, Ivan must eradicate the enemy presence within each zone, rescue a quota of hostages, and ultimately destroy the zone generator before proceeding. The various drones that populate each level serve as little more than an annoyance but by destroying them, human prisoners can be set free and Energy Cores can be acquired. The latter can be used to purchase weapon and armor upgrades between levels, giving the player access to salvos of guided missiles, plasma cannons, and an assortment of special weapons with foreboding names like "Medusa" or "Vortex Bomb."

Ivan's main task, however, is to engage and destroy the Sentients, which can be attacked in any order the player desires. Letting too much time elapse between these battles will cause the Black Knight appear; a deadly, heavily armored mech who must then be defeated before Ivan may continue with his mission. Additional power-ups can be found in each zone that will refill your gun, missile, or special weapon reserves, as well as provide abilities such as invulnerability or a speed increase. Not all will prove beneficial however; while imbuing the player with invulnerability, certain power-ups will also reduce the player's movement speed or reverse the game controls.

The various zones are situated around the globe and encompass such geographic locations as Russia, The Middle East, Europe, USA, and Japan. Prior to entering each zone, a FMV cutscene featuring live actors will inform the player of any pertinent information. Ivan's female commander provides encouragement and information via a small window integrated into the heads-up display. A two-player mode is available but can only be played by utilizing the PlayStation link cable, two copies of the game, and two PlayStation consoles.

Manufacturer's description:

You play Krazy Ivan, a Russian soldier with a crazy mission! So leap into your forty foot power suit and get ready to riot. Equipped with an outrageous armory of weapons ranging from 30MM guns to the ground breaking Tsunami earthquake generator, you'll be more than prepared for the craziest all-out blasting experience this side of the future!

* Incredible 3D graphics set the stage for multiple levels of lightning-fast, shoot-em-up action!
* It's do or die as Ivan battles over 30 enemies in his quest to rescue human prisoners and save his own life!
* Stunningly realistic landscapes set in Siberia, Japan, The Middle East and other locations around the world.
* Superb FMV (full motion video) sequences featuring a host of professional actors.
* Two player link mode for head-to-head combat.

First person perspective.
3D graphics
Cartoon graphics
SCI-FI & Futuristic themes.
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