Nascar Racing

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Nascar Racing features drivers based on their real-life counterparts from the 1996 Nascar season. Included are three modes of play -- arcade, simulation, and simulation testing -- and a variety of options. Simulation options available are: turn on or off driving aids, adjust tire pressure, adjust wheel settings, adjust aerodynamics, change gear settings, adjust shocks, angle cross weight, angle spoiler, and set wheel stagger.

While racing, drivers will have to communicate with the pit crew to determine the tire temperature, how many tires to change, and how much to fill the fuel tank when you pit in. There are 16 licensed Nascar tracks included as well, three of which are night races. It's possible to race the full number of laps that actual Nascar drivers run or shorten a race to your liking.

Simulation Race mode lets the player tweak their vehicles fuel usage, cross weights, tire pressure, the alignment of the camber and stagger of the wheels, the aerodynamics (air dam and spoiler), the shocks, and the gear ratios. The game also offers a Simulation Testing mode to let the player test these settings on the race track without the interference of other drivers.

Both Arcade and Simulation Race modes let the player compete in a full 31-race championship season. After each race, players earn points depending on which position they placed in, which then affects their place in the season standings.

The game features 16 licensed NASCAR tracks such as the Red Rock Raceway and the Bull Run Raceway. 3 of these tracks also have a nighttime version. There is also 2 fantasy tracks available to race on. The game also features 20 real NASCAR drivers from the 1996 season, and their respective car details.

Options include having either automatic or manual shifting, setting the race length (either 2, 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100% of the laps depending on the track), setting the opponents' strength (between 80% and 120%), setting the car damage to either arcade, full, or off, and turning on or off braking help, yellow flags, and the pace lap.

Manufacturer's description:

Racing on the edge.

Jump into the driver's seat and rev up your engine for the hottest, most true-to-life racing game-NASCAR Racing for the PlayStation! Race against real drivers in 1996 cars on 1996 tracks in customizable Simulation Mode or hop-in-and-start-driving Arcade Mode. But look out, 'cause your car behaves just like the real thing and the rockin' sound track won't drown out the sounds of squealing tires and roaring engines.

21 different driving environments
16 licensed NASCAR track - 3 with night racing
2 fantasy tracks
Extensive car set up options
Play arcade or full sim mode

Third or First person perspectives.
3D graphics
Cartoon graphics
Nascar racing theme.
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