Kuru Kuru Cube

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Kuru Kuru Cube is a puzzle game that features characters of the game series Iwatobi Penguin Rocky X Hopper.

The gameplay is about move the cursor over the falling pieces and that makes them rotate, if the player can get 4 of the same colour to be together they dissappear. To make that the whole cube can be rotate in the 4 directions.

The player can choose the difficulty level (easy. normal & hard) and also the game speed.

Game Modes:
- 1 Player game: In this mode there are 3 modes:
- Story Mode: Advance through the story defeating the different enemies.
- Endless Mode: Survive joining pieces until you can and make the best hi-score.
- Time attack: Join pieces in a limited time.
- 2 Player game: Vs or Time modes in which 2 players compete in a split-screen mode. In this mode the game features 8 different characters to choose from.

Manufacturer's description:

Pleasant fellow and Barry kun Rockhopper penguin unfolds, bizarre puzzle. Let's take off from the screen within flush against four or more cubes of the rectangle. I adopt a system of refreshing preeminent obtained a high score by a chain or to get rid of at the same time cube. Pleasant voice and action of Chibikyara we will boost the game.

Third person perspective
2D graphics
Cartoon graphics
Fantasy theme.
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